Falcon Lake Retreat is in Whiteshell Provincial Park, at the far east end of Falcon Lake, Manitoba, on a peninsula of land that is uninhabited except for the retreat itself. There are no roads to the site, and it is accessed by boat in summer and snowmobile in winter. From the public dock at the ski hill parking lot, the retreat is a 10-minute motorboat ride away. Geographically, the retreat center is on the Canadian Shield land formation.

Originally built by monks who retreated to the end of the lake for prayer, meditation, and a simple outdoor lifestyle, the retreat center has been owned by several successive groups over the past eighty years. The retreat stands on leased crown land and is now owned by a non-profit group whose dedicated purpose is the care and management of the site so that it may be offered to individuals, families, and small groups as a place of retreat and renewal. Built on the foundations laid by the first monastic owners, the buildings on the retreat center have continually been rebuilt, renovated, and improved. Still, memories of the past remain in engravings in foundational stone, the stone staircase leading up from the dock, and in marked locations throughout the site.

A Place of Retreat and Renewal

The retreat center is owned and managed by The Falcon Lake Retreat Center Inc., a non-profit group whose mission is to care for and manage the site to provide a place of retreat and renewal in accordance with a Christian worldview where individuals, families or groups may enjoy a place of natural beauty and grow in empowerment and joy. The group envisions people in harmony with the Creator, with nature, and with others. The aims of the organization are to seek ways to nurture wellness by giving guests the opportunity to explore the natural environment, develop and celebrate individual strengths and talents, renew relationships, grow in leadership, and participate in artistic or academic endeavors and in healthy physical activity. The retreat center is supported through the voluntary work and donations of many individuals and by members of several churches and community groups.